Experimental Impact Evaluation for the Extractive Sector-PRG/Grupo FARO

  • Overview

This workshop offers an introduction to experimental methods of impact evaluation with emphasis on the extractive sector. Impact evaluation is a rapidly expanding area at the cross section of economics, public policy, and finance. It’s purpose is to harness modern tools and technologies to evaluate the causal impact of public and social programs, business initiatives, and more.

This workshop also seeks to provide opportunities for students to work on empirical issues. STATA lab sessions will be conducted as part of the workshop.


  • Lectures

Lecture 1: Introduction to Impact Evaluation

Lecture 2: Evaluation Design

Lecture 3: Experiments

Lecture 4: Problems with Experiments-Noncompliance

Lecture 5: Problems with Experiments-Attrition

Lecture 6: Problems with Experiments-Spillovers

Lecture 7: Power and Sample Size Calculation

  • STATA Lab Sessions

Lab 1: Experiments

Code: Lab 1

Data Files: DataFinal_HH_ENCEL07.dta / PanelPROGRESA_97_99year.dta

Lab 2: Problems with Experiments

Code: Lab 2

Data Files: PanelPROGRESA_97_99year.dta / PanelPROGRESA_Enrollment_97_99.dta

Lab 3: Power Analysis

Code: Lab 3

Data Files: DataFinal_power.dta

Background: Introduction to STATA. (Optional for those with little background in STATA)

Data Files: DataFinal_ENCEL07.dta / Example.xls / Additional.dta